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Since its founding in 2012 by Viktors Ravdive, Resto-Rātors has become a leading name in Latvia’s food and beverage scene, expanding to Monaco and the UK with over 40 unique culinary concepts.

Make Real Results Happen

Our range spans from upscale dining to lively street food events, reflecting our dedication to diversity and personalized gastronomy. We’re also the exclusive caterer for private jets at the award-winning FBO Riga Airport, showcasing our commitment to excellence. At Resto-Rātors, every service experience is an adventure, inviting you to explore the world through our flavours and personal approach. Join us in celebrating the art of fine dining, where tradition meets innovation.

Not just a career, but a canvas for perfection

In the boundless realms of the food and beverage industry, where creativity and evolution dance in harmony, the passionate restaurateur finds not just a career but a canvas for perfection and a way of living, where the dedication to craftsmanship turns every meal into a masterpiece, every experience into something new. Every day is a fresh opportunity for those who breathe this passion to transcend the ordinary and craft the extraordinary.

V. Ravdive - Founder/ CEO/ Creative Director/ Executive Chef

years experience
in the Food and Beverage Industry







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