Consultancy and Training

The Resto-Rātors team offers comprehensive consultancy services designed to guide entrepreneurs and investors through the critical decision-making process of opening a business.

Our approach encompasses all aspects of a feasibility study, ensuring that our clients make informed, strategic decisions. In addition to advising on new ventures, we provide specialized training and consultancy for existing businesses, covering essential areas such as cost control, accounting services, marketing and PR strategies, human resources, and strategic management. Our expertise extends to brand management and concept creation, helping businesses to differentiate themselves in competitive markets and align their operations with their brand values and customer expectations. Viktors Ravdive himself leads culinary masterclasses, offering an unparalleled opportunity for professionals and enthusiasts alike to learn from one of the industry’s best. These masterclasses are not just about cooking techniques; they delve into the art of creating memorable dining experiences, highlighting the importance of innovation and excellence in the culinary world. By working closely with Resto-Rātors, businesses benefit from a holistic approach to growth and development, leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience to achieve their goals. Our commitment to excellence and innovation ensures that each client receives tailored advice that is both practical and visionary.

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