About project

International SV Riga marked the ambitious debut of Viktors Ravdive into the restaurant scene in 2012, heralding the beginning of the Resto-Rātors journey. This inaugural venture, strategically positioned «in the middle of nowhere,» transformed its seemingly remote location into a coveted destination, emerging as a hidden gem within Riga’s culinary landscape. The allure of International SV Riga was so profound that securing a reservation became a feat, with tables booked out weeks in advance, a testament to its instant popularity and the affection it garnered among the citizens of Riga. The restaurant’s innovative concept centered around an international fusion menu that offered mini portions, a novel approach that invited diners to embark on a gastronomic adventure through an array of flavors and dishes. This unique dining model allowed patrons to sample 4-5 different dishes per person, including delicacies such as mini steak, crab roll, and mini beef Wellington, among others. Each dish was a masterpiece of culinary art, designed to offer a taste of the world’s diverse cuisines in miniature, yet richly satisfying, servings. International SV Riga’s success lay not only in its exceptional food but also in its ability to create an intimate and exploratory dining experience. The concept of mini portions revolutionized how people approached meals, encouraging a shared dining experience that was as much about the joy of discovery as it was about savoring each bite. This innovative approach, combined with the restaurant’s unexpected location and the culinary prowess of Viktors Ravdive, solidified International SV Riga’s status as a beloved establishment, making it a landmark in Riga’s dining scene and a proud precursor to the subsequent achievements of Resto-Rātors.