About project

Resto-Rātors, known for their innovative and successful ventures in the hospitality industry, was approached by the owners of the premium office building, Place 11, with a unique opportunity. They were invited to open an office canteen named Onze, which translates to «11» in French, aligning with the building’s identity. Embracing the challenge, Resto-Rātors crafted Onze into a classic buffet-style canteen, specifically tailored to meet the needs of office workers seeking convenient and quality lunch options. Onze distinguished itself with a bright, minimalistic Scandinavian design, providing a refreshing and calming environment that contrasted with the busy workday. The design choice was deliberate, aimed at enhancing the dining experience through a clean and uncluttered space that evoked a sense of tranquility and order. The food offered at Onze was simple, focusing on quality and taste without the complexities often found in high-end dining. This straightforward approach ensured that meals were accessible and appealing to a broad audience, catering to the preferences and time constraints of office employees. The canteen operated exclusively during lunch hours, becoming a popular spot for its convenience and quality offerings. However, following the sale of Place 11 to new owners, Resto-Rātors made the strategic decision to close Onze. This decision was influenced by the change in ownership and possibly shifts in the operational dynamics and vision for the office building. While Onze was operational, it served as a testament to Resto-Rātors’ ability to diversify and succeed in various facets of the hospitality industry, from fine dining to the specialized niche of office canteens. The closure of Onze, while marking the end of this particular venture, also highlighted Resto-Rātors’ adaptive and strategic approach to business decisions in the ever-evolving landscape of hospitality.