About project

Space Falafel in Riga is not just a dining destination but a celebration of culinary artistry and cosmic allure, merging the rich flavors of Israeli and Middle Eastern cuisine with the elegance of one of Riga’s most refined districts. Patrons can expect to indulge in a menu that showcases the vibrant spectrum of Middle Eastern culinary traditions, from the hearty and spiced depths of traditional shakshuka to the perfect crispness of falafel wrapped in soft, freshly baked pita. Every dish served is a homage to the traditions it represents, meticulously prepared with premium ingredients and innovative twists that resonate with both aficionados of Middle Eastern cuisine and those eager to explore these flavors for the first time. Complementing the culinary offerings is an exquisite selection of Israeli wines, homemade lemonades, and signature cocktails, each curated to harmonize with the menu and enhance the overall dining experience. Space Falafel’s commitment to quality extends to every aspect of its operation, ensuring that each visit is both a discovery and a celebration. Beyond its culinary delights, Space Falafel is a hub of social and cultural activity. With its mid-century modern interior and a vinyls-only music policy, it beckons to those with a penchant for contemporary Middle Eastern cuisine and an appreciation for the tactile warmth of vinyl records. The establishment is adorned with interior and art objects collected from around the globe, offering a vibrant and eclectic atmosphere that’s as inviting as it is intriguing.