About project

Building on the resounding success of International SV Riga, International SV Jurmala served as a natural progression, extending the celebrated concept to the scenic shores of Jurmala. Embracing the same innovative approach that defined its predecessor, International SV Jurmala offered an international fusion menu characterized by mini portions, allowing diners to indulge in a diverse culinary experience. This continuity ensured that the essence of what made International SV Riga a standout—the opportunity to explore an array of dishes through 4-5 selections per person, such as mini steaks, crab rolls, and mini beef Wellington—was preserved and celebrated in a new, equally captivating setting. The expansion into Jurmala wasn’t just a geographical one; it was a testament to the enduring appeal of the concept and the demand for more venues that offered this unique dining experience. Set against the backdrop of Jurmala’s picturesque landscape, with its beautiful beaches and serene ambiance, International SV Jurmala seamlessly blended the culinary innovation and intimate atmosphere that guests had come to love at International SV Riga with the distinct, relaxed vibe of a beachside town. International SV Jurmala thus not only continued the legacy of its Riga counterpart but also carved its own niche in Jurmala’s vibrant dining scene. It confirmed that the concept of mini portions and international fusion cuisine had a universal appeal, drawing both locals and tourists to experience the joy of culinary exploration in one of Latvia’s most beloved resort towns.