About project

The transition of a fine dining establishment into Memories Restaurant in Jurmala by Resto-Rātors marked a notable shift in the culinary landscape of the area. Embracing the ethos of simplicity and warmth, Memories was reimagined as a homely family restaurant specializing in Slavic cuisine and breakfasts, distinguished by its cozy design within an architectural heritage building. This transformation included a welcoming two-floor layout, a charming wine cellar, and a dedicated kids’ room, making the restaurant a beloved spot for both locals and visitors seeking comfort and tradition in their dining experience. Despite the successful rebranding and the creation of a space that resonated deeply with the community, Resto-Rātors made the difficult decision to cease operations at Memories Restaurant and exit the Jurmala market. This decision was driven by factors beyond the control of the restaurant, namely a declining market and the challenges posed by political turmoil.