About project

Nori Line stands as a groundbreaking innovation in the culinary world, dramatically transforming the street food scene with its distinctive and original concept. At the heart of this culinary revolution is the crispy nori shell, a creative departure from traditional nori taco presentations, achieved through the inventive process of deep-frying and drying nori shells in combination with unique ingridients and sauces. This bespoke approach has not only inaugurated a new dining craze but has also paved the way for a versatile platform of flavors, all housed within the delicate embrace of a seaweed shell. Currently, the exclusive Nori Line experience is available at select events, including catering engagements, street food festivals, and private parties. Its uniqueness and appeal have captured the attention of a wide audience, including celebrities and esteemed institutions like Cambridge University, which has chosen Nori Line as the exclusive catering option for its prestigious May Ball. This endorsement is a testament to Nori Line’s distinctiveness and its growing reputation as a sought-after culinary delight. Looking ahead, Nori Line is poised to expand its presence and bring its innovative offerings to a broader audience through a planned chain of street food venues. This expansion will enable more people to experience the unique joy of biting into a crispy nori shell filled with an array of inventive and flavorful fillings. The transition from an exclusive catering option to a more accessible street food chain marks an exciting evolution for Nori Line, promising to introduce its novel dining concept to food enthusiasts far and wide. The journey of Nori Line from a daring experiment to a beloved culinary sensation underscores the limitless potential for innovation in the food industry. As it prepares to make its mark on the street food landscape, Nori Line continues to embody the spirit of culinary creativity and exploration, promising to remain a beacon of uniqueness in the ever-evolving world of gastronomy.

Nori Line. The Queen of Lines.