About project

Piazza Italiana, nestled within the heart of Old Riga, occupies a building that whispers tales of the 15th century, adorned with the intricate beauty of medieval architecture. This Italian culinary haven is a celebration of elegance and warmth, designed to offer guests an experience of cozy sophistication amidst its inviting interior. The ambiance is crafted with care, featuring light walls, pristine white tablecloths, and furniture that promises comfort at every meal. At the helm of this journey is Chef Remo Maccukato, a culinary virtuoso whose five decades of experience have culminated in a menu that is a homage to the traditions of homemade Italian cuisine. The dishes, crafted from the highest quality ingredients sourced both locally and from Italy, reflect a commitment to authenticity and flavor. The extensive menu spans a wide range of Italian classics, including various types of carpaccio, salads, soups, pasta, risotto, fish and meat courses, pizzas, and divine desserts. To accompany the meal, guests can choose from over 150 different wines, along with a wide selection of both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Piazza Italiana transcends the typical dining experience, offering a versatile venue capable of hosting a variety of events. From intimate dinners to grand weddings, the restaurant’s banquet hall can accommodate up to 50 people, while a VIP room provides an exclusive dining space for up to 16 guests. This adaptability, combined with the restaurant’s enchanting ambiance and culinary excellence, makes Piazza Italiana a distinguished destination for those seeking to immerse themselves in the rich flavors and traditions of Italian cuisine in the heart of Riga.