About project

T73 was a remarkable gem in the heart of Riga, setting itself apart not only as a pioneer in the gastrobar concept but also as an establishment that defied the conventional, embracing the idea of a 24/7 breakfast menu. It wasn’t just a place; it was an institution, a beloved spot that had firmly integrated itself into the city’s social fabric over its successful five-year run. Its claim to fame was its unparalleled dedication to offering the largest breakfast selection in Riga at any hour, a testament to its understanding of diverse patron needs and schedules. More than just a dining destination, T73 became the go-to venue for the city’s vibrant nightlife, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. It masterfully blended the allure of live music and the energy of DJ sets, creating unforgettable nights that resonated with locals and visitors alike. This combination of daylong breakfast options and electrifying nighttime entertainment made it a unique fixture in Riga’s dining and entertainment landscape. However, despite its popularity and the joy it brought to many, T73 had to close its doors due to a conflict of interest. This closure marked the end of an era for Riga’s 24/7 gastronomy scene and left a void that would be hard to fill.