About project

When we at Resto-Rātors took the helm of Uncle Vanya in 2018, we set ourselves a lofty goal: to secure a return on investment within just two years. It was a bold move, underpinning our deep confidence in Uncle Vanya’s potential and its cherished place within the fabric of Slavic culinary tradition in Riga. Nestled in the heart of Riga Old Town, Uncle Vanya has always been a haven for those seeking the heartwarming embrace of authentic European, Russian, and Eastern European cuisine. Our commitment was to nurture this unique essence, ensuring that the soulful atmosphere that defined Uncle Vanya remained untouched. We cherished its quaint vintage décor, the warmth of homey lamps, and the vibrancy of colorful chairs that collectively crafted an inviting ambiance, a home away from home for our guests. A cornerstone of Uncle Vanya’s allure has undoubtedly been its selection of homemade alcoholic tinctures. These aren’t just drinks; they’re a bridge to the rich, spirited heritage of Slavic culture. Perfecting these tinctures, ensuring they encapsulate the authentic flavors our patrons love, has been a journey of both passion and reverence for tradition. Under our stewardship, Uncle Vanya didn’t just meet the financial benchmarks we set; it flourished, reinforcing its status as a culinary beacon in Riga.