About project

Resto-Rātors, with its innovative approach and keen insight into the hospitality market, took on an initial business project—a luxury villa comprising five high-end apartments intended for sale. Recognizing the evolving demands and opportunities within the tourism and accommodation sector, they skillfully transformed this venture into a boutique apart-hotel. This strategic pivot led to the creation of Wooden Villa, a distinguished boutique hotel that quickly became a treasured destination in the prime locale of Jurmala. The transformation of the luxury villa into Wooden Villa was more than a mere change of function; it was a reimagining of the space to cater to a niche market looking for exclusive, intimate lodging experiences. Each of the five luxury apartments was designed to offer the comfort and privacy of a home combined with the sophisticated services and amenities of a high-end hotel. This unique blend made Wooden Villa stand out as a gem in Jurmala, appealing to guests seeking luxury, privacy, and the charm of boutique accommodations. Over seven successful years, Wooden Villa not only established itself as a premier destination in Jurmala but also reached a point of stability in its business model, achieving what could be considered its success ceiling. This period of operation allowed Resto-Rātors to refine the concept of boutique lodging, contributing significantly to the local hospitality landscape and setting a benchmark for boutique hotels. The decision to sell the Wooden Villa brand to the building owner after these successful years was a strategic move, allowing the legacy of Wooden Villa to continue under new stewardship while Resto-Rātors could focus on new ventures. This transition marked both the culmination of a successful project and the beginning of a new chapter for Wooden Villa, ensuring that its journey as a beloved boutique apart-hotel in Jurmala could continue to evolve and enchant guests from around the world.